About Us

Welcome to Victory LA.

We are the premium suppliers of equine rehabilitation and training products.

After a lifetime in the Racing and Engineering Industries, the newest progression for our father-son team Les & Gavin Adams is Victory LA.

Victory LA is a design, development and manufacturing company specialising in cutting-edge Equine Rehabilitation and Training products.

With strength in numbers, Victory LA recently partnered with the well established internationally recognised Victory Equine Treadmills.

The Victory Equine Treadmill Team have a worldwide network of sales specialist that pride themselves on innovation and quality demonstrated by a presence and repeat business on five continents.

Tailoring solutions to your needs together, Victory LA and Victory Equine Treadmills supply only the best.

Selling Points

Premium Products

Victory LA is a premium supplier of groundbreaking and innovative products that facilitate the training and rehabilitation of horses.


With 20 years of combined industry experience, you can rest assured Victory LA will offer top of the line products and services.

Safety Assurance

All of our products are strategically designed with all safety measures accounted for. Rehabilitation and safety are our key priorities.

Internationally Recognised

Victory LA is internationally recognised across major regions including - The UK, India, America, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

Visit our contact page today and send us a message to find out more information about our products and how the team at Victory LA can assist you.

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