Cutting- Edge Equine Treadmill Manufacturer

We have spent a lifetime in the racing and engineering industry. Our vast experience has enabled us to launch Victory LA where we design, develop and manufacture equine products focusing on rehabilitation and training. Our ground-breaking designs have brought us worldwide recognition across five continents. As an equine treadmill manufacturer, Victory LA designs our products to be safe for animals and operators, easy to clean and maintain and provide the animals the appropriate training.

Our founders, Les and Gavin, have teamed up with Victory Equine Treadmills to bring the latest and safest technology to the industry. With a worldwide network at their disposal, our combined efforts can bring increased innovation and quality to the equine world.

Our equine treadmills provide a safe, quiet and jockey-less operation. The aluminium anti-slip rubber entry and exit ramps provide safety and ease of cleaning and operation. The low resistance and noise bed plate increase the conveyer belt life. Mounted cooling fans cool the animal during the workout. The digital display shows speed, distance, and incline for easy monitoring. These treadmills have a walk to gallop capability of 4-42 km/hr and offer a zero to 6-degree elevation. They use lower power, possess an electrical worm drive incline operation, and provide side walls high enough to maintain the horse in the machine.

We can also adapt our products to your specific needs. Let Victory LA be your first-place equine treadmill, equine walker machine and equine ambulance manufacturer and supplier. With over 20 years’ experience and over 250 machines worldwide, a love of horses, and a passion to excel, you won’t regret contacting Victory LA today for the optimal solution for your equine rehabilitation and training.

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