Do You Need a Horse Ambulance? Find a Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier for Your Equine Needs

Especially in horse racing and contest events, horses can be easily injured or harmed, and you want to ensure there are always procedures in place to swiftly assist an injured animal in receiving necessary care. A horse ambulance is the best method to connect horses to the veterinary care they require but finding a trusted equine ambulance manufacturer can be a challenge.

Look for a horse ambulance supplier whose products fit your horse’s specifications and the needs of your event so you can fully support the wellbeing of your animals. At Victory LA, we are the premier equine ambulance supplier here in Australia. We make dependable horse ambulance products that are there when you need them.

What to Consider When Buying an Equine Ambulance

There are several features that make or break a horse ambulance. In the rare situation your horse needs one, you want to be sure that your horse ambulance will be suitable for swift transportation and supportive equine care. Here’s a guide to just a few important factors you should consider when purchasing a horse ambulance.

  • Hydraulic Front and Rear: When a horse is injured, their mobility is often one of the first things affected. This means getting them from one place to another becomes increasingly difficult, and a horse ambulance should accommodate this decreased strength. With a hydraulic front and rear, our horse ambulance can lower flat to the ground with ease, making getting your horse inside far easier, even when their mobility is compromised.
  • Dual Direction Walk-Through: As you can’t predict what kind of accident is going to happen, making sure your ambulance can accommodate any kind of injury or issue is essential. With dual direction walkthrough, you can access front and back exit and entry, giving you more choices for approaching the vehicle so you won’t be struggling to get your horse in or out.
  • Lightweight, Versatile Build: A lightweight, versatile build makes the transportation of your animal far easier. An aluminium build is an ideal option for a horse ambulance as this material can minimise wear and tear on the tracks.

Your Premier Equine Ambulance Manufacturer

At Victory LA, we are the premier horse ambulance manufacturer in Australia. Our horse ambulance products are reliable for the rare situations you may need them and are built with top quality materials so they can be a reliable resource for you for the immediate future and your long-term concerns. A horse ambulance is an investment in the wellbeing of your animals and your operation, and we give you product options to fully support safe equine transport.

Get in contact to learn more about our horse ambulances and other portable equine accessories. Working to accommodate a variety of horse and trainer needs, we are proud to provide top-of-the-line equine products for you and your animals.

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