Dedicated and Professional Horse Treadmill, Horse Walker Machine and Horse Ambulance  Manufacturer

Victory LA is the next step for our father and son team, Les and Gavin Adams. We have spent our lives in the racing and engineering industries which gives us the experience to design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge rehabilitation and training products for equine owners and trainers. We have received worldwide acclaim for our ground-breaking designs and innovative products. Our inventive equine products promote safety and efficiency and are designed for longevity and quiet operation.

As a horse treadmill, Horse Walker and Horse Ambulance manufacturer and supplier, Victory LA has partnered with Victory Equine Treadmills who have a network of sales professionals with a reach across multiple continents. They take pride in the innovation and quality of the equine products they produce and sell, and our collaboration will benefit all our clients.

Features of the horse treadmills we manufacture have  lower power consumption; anti-slip rubber entry and exit ramps; digital display showing speed, distance, and incline; and a mounted stop watch for interval training. Our treadmills are designed with low resistance and noise bed plate to increase conveyer belt life, and a water lubricant system that  requires minimal silicone;. The treadmills offer a walk to gallop capability of 4 to 42 km/hr; a zero to 6-degree elevation; and 1.8-metre side and 1.6 metre near side high walls are designed to maintain the horse in the Machine..

Features of the Horse Walking Machine we manufacturer have multiple horses simultaneously exercised, with 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 horse models available. The direction is reversible and allows for variable speeds. It is manufactured with a galvanised steel mesh upper panelling and a framework that is corrosion resistant.

Tethering is optional depending on your horses’ needs, and it comes standard with dual entry and exit gates to allow loading and unloading at the same time. Safety is kept in mind with a friction drive preventing movement that could potentially harm you or your horses during loading or unloading.  The electronic operation is so whisper quiet; you’ll barely notice it’s running

Victory LA is your first-place horse treadmill, horse walker machine manufacturer that has the solution to your equine training needs. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you and your horse’s to perform at their best.

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