HST1 Treadmill

Our high-speed treadmill has been developed in conjunction with racing and rehabilitation stables.

At Victory LA, we are passionate about producing products and services to get the best out of your performance animal.

Our HST1 Treadmill has state of the art features that provide consistent and trustworthy workouts with the ability to monitor progress and performance.

We want to ensure that your horses are supported in total comfort, we designed the HST1 with both productivity and safety in mind.

Main Features of the HST1:

  • Front and rear straps for quick release
  • Water lubricant system
  • ∙Mounted Cooling Fans
  • Mounted Stop Watch for interval training
  • Removable bed for rubber belt replacement
  • High grade, low maintenance pillow block bearings
  • Fixed Operator Walkway
  • Aluminium Anti Slip Rubber Entry and Exit (lightweight operation)


  • Low Power Consumption: 3 phase 32amp (also available in 2 phase)
  • Walk to Gallop capability: 4-42 km/hr
  • Elevation: 0 - 6 deg (Flat Position: 2.62m, Inclined Position: 3.04m high)
  • Electrical worm drive incline operation
  • 1.8m off side and 1.6m near side high walls reduces the risk of animal capacity to jump over the side wall.
  • 4.3m inside length, 2.5 installed width
  • 7m long with ramps down, 5m long with ramps in stowed position
  • Low resistance and noise bed plate increasing conveyor belt life

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